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Undergraduate in Criminology

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The major in Criminology provides students with an in-depth exposure to all facets of the criminal justice system including law enforcement, detention, the judiciary, corrections, and probation and parole. The program concentrates on achieving balance in the above aspects of the system from the perspective of the criminal justice professional, the offender, and society. The program provides a solid background in the theory, issues and methodology comprising Criminology.

The objective of the undergraduate program in Criminology is to develop a sound educational basis either for graduate work or for professional training in one or more of the specialized areas comprising the modern urban criminal justice system. The program offers both a Bachelor of Arts degree and a minor.

Requirements for the Major in Criminology

A minimum of 36 semester hours are required of all undergraduate majors in Criminology including the following courses: CCJ 3024 (3), CCJ 3117 (3), CCJ 3701 (3), and CCJ 4934 (3).
*CCJ 3117 must be taken prior to CCJ 3701.

In addition to the above courses, student must enroll in 24 hours of Criminology elective courses (see comprehensive list).

Requirements for the Minor in Criminology

The Department of Criminology offers a minor in Criminology. A total of 18 hours is required for completion of the minor. A minimum of nine semester hours must be completed at USF Tampa Campus. A minimum of 12 semester hours must be completed at USF.

The minor consists of two required courses (CCJ 3024 and CCJ 3117) totaling 6 credit hours, and the selection of four Criminology Elective Courses (12 hours) for a total of 18 semester hours.

In order to receive Criminology minor recognition, Students will be required to complete the minor declaration form and submit to the College office. In addition, the student will be required to list the minor upon completion of the graduation application

Students minoring in criminology will be subject to the Department's "2 D" rule (no more than one D or F allowing in a Criminology course) and residency requirements.

All minors must seek advisor approval to register for courses each semester. This can be accomplished by : leaving your name, USF ID #, Course reference number(s), and telephone number on your registration date and time. Either leave the requested information by telephone at 813-974-9548 or via email